Types of Member Support & Trainings Offered

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Member Support Funds

Travel Scholarships

Communications Training & Support

Campaign Organizing Training & Support

Model Code Trainings & Webinars

Member Support Funds

DSC Member Support Fund:

The DSC Member Support Fund provides support for members’ campaigns on school pushout through reimbursements for: 1) Hosting and participating in local, regional and national events related to school pushout; 2) Developing expertise in specific issues, skills or strategies; and/or 3) Sustaining their overall programs and capacity.

For each of these types of support, DSC staff will send out an application which must be returned by the stated deadline. The Coordinating Committee then approves the groups who will receive the award and they will be notified.

Member support awards are in the form of reimbursements- groups will submit their receipts and DSC will reimburse them within 30 days.

Members who meet regular participation requirements on monthly calls and other member criteria as described in our membership policies receive priority for member support funds and travel scholarships.

DSC provides support by reimbursing up to $1,000 of expenses in the following categories:

1. Hosting local, regional or national meetings or events – including expenses such as printing, transportation, food, supplies, permits, venue (e.g. conferences, actions, convenings, legislative advocacy trips);

2. Participation in local, regional or national meetings or events related to school pushout – such as admission/registration fees, travel, room and board (e.g. conferences, actions, legislative advocacy trips);

3. Training in skills, strategies or issues – such as training fees,  travel, room and board; and/or

4. Other program support – such as member or volunteer stipends, member or staff transportation.

DSC Week of Action Fund:

The DSC Week of Action Fund provides support for organizations’ participation in the annual  DSC National Week of Action on School Pushout. DSC provides support by reimbursing up to $1,250 of about 16 DSC groups’ expenses related to participation in the Week of Action each year.


Travel Scholarships

Scholarships to attend DSC Annual Membership Meeting:

The DSC Annual Membership Meetings is a large, annual face to face meeting of DSC member groups that serves as the primary forum for DSC members to give input  and vote on major campaign decisions. The goals of the Annual Membership Meeting are to ensure accountability of DSC to its members and build relationships among the members and staff of DSC member organizations. DSC provides scholarships to cover the travel and accommodation costs for two attendees each from at least 25 DSC member groups selected through an application process.

Scholarships to attend small-scale DSC Convenings:

The small-scale DSC Convenings are face to face meetings of DSC member groups developed by the Local/State Working Group based on input from DSC members. The convening topic(s) may include strategy development, leadership development, political education and/or other capacity building. DSC provides scholarships to cover the travel and accommodation costs for two Convening attendees each from 6-8 DSC member groups selected through an application process.


Communications Training & Support

Communications and Media Outreach Member Support:

Our national Communications Coordinator provides support to our members with media outreach strategy planning and implementation, technical assistance with online communications (websites and social media), video production and editing, and in-person and online trainings. Listed below you will find examples of trainings we can provide, but we can also design new trainings to meet your organization’s specific needs. To discuss these opportunities, schedule a training and discuss other customized training possibilities, please contact DSC Communications Coordinator, Nancy Trevino at nancy(at)dignityinschools(dot)org or 786-201-8958.

• Evaluate existing communications and media outreach capacity and infrastructure.
• Assist with drafting a communications plan and media outreach strategies according to member capacity and needs.
• Assist with producing and editing media outreach materials: press releases, media advisories, talking points, letters to the editor, op-ed, and press packets.
• Assist with preparation and support for communications outreach efforts for events, new initiatives, and campaigns.
• Provide virtual and in-person trainings/webinars:

- Media Outreach 101, Part 1
Introduction to media outreach, with an emphasis on building a media relations strategy for your organization, campaign, or event. Includes tips on how to create a media list, build your own local media list and the production and dissemination of press releases, media advisories, and letters to the editor.

- Media Outreach 101, Part 2
This second installment of the Media Outreach 101 focuses on "messaging" and building a long-term media outreach strategy for your organization or campaign. It includes tips on establishing long-term relationships with your local media and framing your message according to different audiences and goals.

- Organizing Through Social Media
Using new media/social media as a campaign advocacy tool. How to use your website, e-mail blasts, Facebook, twitter and YouTube to get reach out to an audience, strengthen a campaign, and generate online buzz.

- Documenting Events/Action and Promoting Via Social Media
Tips on filming video and taking photos of campaign events and how to edit, upload and share your final videos/photos on youtube, flickr, and via social media.

- Spokesperson Training
Assist and prepare spokespeople with tips on speech writing, public speaking, and interacting with the media during press conferences and interviews.

Campaign Organizing Training & Support

Strategy, Capacity Building and Campaign Development Support:

Our National Field Organizer provides support to our members through one-on-one strategy conversations, in-person trainings in local communities and other convenings, and generally connecting member groups with capacity building opportunities that will help them meet their campaign and leadership goals. To schedule a training, or to discuss other capacity building opportunities, please contact DSC National Field Organizer, Fernando Martinez at fernando(at)dignityinschools(dot)org or (205) 960-3498.

Support Topics Include:
-Developing Action Plans including strategies and tactics
-Power Analysis
-Alliance Building
-Identifying targets and secondary targets
-Leadership Development


Model Code Trainings & Webinars

Since publishing the Model Code on Education and Dignity in August 2012, the DSC has hosted a series of  in-person trainings and introductory webinars, to see and download the power point presentations used for these webinars please click here. To find out about upcoming webinars, please visit our events page here.