Tools for Changing Discipline Codes

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Here you will find useful tools for changing district codes of conduct. Tools include comparison charts that allow you to compare your local code of conduct to our Model Code of Conduct on Education and Dignity. 

DSC Model Code Toolkit and Discipline Code Comparison Tool (Document)
The DSC has created a Model Code Community Toolkit with sample exercises and resources to help communities and educators use the Model Code, as well as a Discipline Code Comparison Tool and sample workshop outline to engage students, parents and educators in your community in a process to compare your local Code of Conduct to provisions of the DSC Model Code.
Federal Guidance Assessment Tool (Document)

A School Discipline Assessment Tool has been developed by Legal Aid of North Carolina's Adovcates for Children's Services and the Education Justice Alliance. The assessment can be used to compare the new federal School Discipline Guidance with local school district policies.

Federal School Discipline Guidance (Document)

On January 2014 the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice released the School Discipline Guidance that describes key principles and related actions steps that can guide efforts to improve school climate and school discipline. You can find the School Discipline Guidance Package here

Fix School Discipline Website (Document)

DSC member Public Counsel has created the Fix School Discipline website as a resource for school superintendents, principals, teachers, parents, students, community leaders and organizations and anyone who is interested in learning about how to eliminate harsh, push-out discipline practices and put in place solutions that work for a

Office for Civil Rights Data Google Hangout July 2016 Slides (Document)

Here you will find the webinar slides for the Beyond the First Look: Turning Local Data into Action Google Hangout Webinar the Dignity in Schools Campaign co-hosted with the Schott Foundation for Public Education on July 7, 2016. Featured speakers include Zakiya Sankara-Jabar of Racial Justice NOW!