Dropout and Graduation Rates

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The Dropout and Graduation Crisis

Here you will find reports and data on student dropout. 

Engaging Students in School to Prevent Dropout

Here you will find resources for preventing student dropout. 

Gwinnett County Georgia 2010-2011 Graduation School Rate Fact Sheet (Document)

Here you will find a Gwinnett County Georgia High School Graduation Rate Fact Sheet created by DSC member Gwinnett SToPP. The fact sheet provides graduation rates for the 2010-2011 school year. 

Racial Biases and Teacher's Student Expectations- John Hopkins Research One Pager (Document)

Here you will find information on findings from John Hopkins University's Educational Longitudinal Study of 2002 on racial bias and teachers' expectations of students. The research found that White and other non-black teachers were 12 percentage points more likely than black teachers to predict black students wouldn’t finish high school.