Resources for Youth and Parents

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The Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC) is building this webpage for youth, parents and community organizers to access and share information about youth experiences in school, parent participation, and youth-led and parent-led campaigns to end pushout.

As a youth you are an expert on school pushout in your community. As a parent, you are the expert on your child. You have a right to participate in decisions made about your child and your input is necessary to ensure your child's success. We hope this youth and parent resource page will provide valuable information so that your voice will be heard.

We need your help! Please send us your ideas and internet links to videos, action kits, research projects and community organizations for youth and parents. 

Films and Media

Links to films and other media produced by and featuring students talking about the school to prison pipeline, pushout and human rights conditions in their schools.

Know Your Rights for Youth

Learn more about your rights as a student from states around the country.

Research and Action

You can search the Resources on Pushout section of this website for research reports, articles and websites about pushout in our schools.

Youth Networks and Organizations

Here are some examples of youth networks and organizations in different parts of the country leading campaigns for change in their school systems. Please send us a link to your organization!

Get Involved with the Dignity in Schools Campaign

Tell us about your local campaign or website and share with other young people around the country.

Parent Participation Makes a Difference in Schools

Research says that parent participation in a child’s education is invaluable.

Parents Organizing for Action

“I have learned so much through my experiences as a parent. I want to share my story with others. I want to share my knowledge to make changes in the school system and to help other parents. I have a right to participate in how decisions are made in the school system. How can I do this?” Here are some examples of groups that are organizing parents to make change in their school systems.

Advocating for Your Child

Parents are advocates and can help their kids fight unfair treatment at school.  Parents can make their voices heard by talking to their children’s school.

Parents' Rights

We are just beginning to gather information about parent and student rights related to discipline polices and pushout.

Parents of children with disabilities are often unaware that they have rights. They can request help for their children at school. Also, parents should be included in all decisions made by the school about their children.