Portland Parent Union Joins School Pushout Campaign

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Portland Parent Union, is a member of Dignity in Schools and is participating in the National Week of action on School Push-out. We will be doing information actions around the city and state. It is important to educate Oregonians on the National Platform on School Pushout. PPU is working on this campaign locally with other organizations to reduce the push-out disparities.    

We know that the "Drop Out" crisis is actually the "Push Out" crises.  Youth are being pushed out of school by zero-tolerance policies, unwelcoming school environments, inadequate curricula and other harmful school policies and practices. Schools push out students of color, LGBT students, students with disabilities, and students from low-income communities at higher rates.

  • We demand support for school policies that protect and promote the human rights of students.
  • End *zero- tolerance and the criminalization of youth.

* this discipline policy is a school discipline policy or practice that results in an automatic disciplinary consequence such as in-school or out-of-school suspension, expulsion, or involuntary school transfer for any student who commits one or more listed offenses. A school discipline policy may be a zero tolerance policy even if administrators have some discretion to modify the consequence on a case-by-case basis.

  • Create positive school environments based on dignity and respect.
  • Adopt positive approaches to discipline like restorative practices and positive behavior supports.
  • Rely on community outreach workers and counselors to support our young people in school rather than police to patrol.
  • Push for passage of federal legislation that promotes positive school climates, like the successful, safe, and healthy students act (S. 919), positive behavior for safe and effective schools act and the restorative justice in schools act (H.R. 415)