New Codes of Conduct in Syracuse, NY and Paterson, NJ

On July 9th, the Syracuse School Board approved an agreement to reduce out-of-school suspensions, implement alternative approaches to discipline, and ensure that schools reduce racial disparities and discrimination against children of all races and abilities.

Agreements in Wake County, NC and Oakland, CA between Schools and Law Enforcement

The Wake County Public School System agreed to a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with law enforcement this June after months of mobilizing and meetings by community organizations and the filing of a federal civil rights complaint.

Portland, OR and Dayton, OH Commit to Reducing Out-of-School Suspensions & Implementing Alternatives

DSC members Portland Parent Union and Racial Justice Now! both won important victories in their campaigns for the Solutions Not Suspensions Moratorium on Out-of-School Suspensions this June.

DSC Members Reflect on 50th Anniversary of 1964 Freedom Summer

As Freedom Summer came to a close, Dignity in Schools Campaign members left with a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and ideas on how to build, mobilize, and most importantly organize.