Counselors Not Cops: Ending the Regular Presence of Law Enforcement in Schools Resource Guide

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DSC has developed a set of policy recommendations for schools, districts, states and federal policy-makers, entitled Counselors Not Cops, calling for an end to the regular presence of law enforcement in schools.


This Resource Guide provides supplemental information to assist communities, educators and policy-makers in using our recommendations. This Resource Guide was developed based on research, best practices and on the ground experiences of our members across the country.


This Resource Guide includes:

I. Frequently Asked Questions about Counselors Not Cops (page 2)

II. Data on Police in Schools (Page 3)

III. Resources for Implementing Positive Alternatives to School Police (page 7)

IV. Examples of Staff Trained to Address School Safety and Positive Approaches to School Climate (page 8)

V. Additional Resources for Limiting the Role of Police (page 11)


You can find the resource guide here.

You can also check out our Interactive Website here.