Zero Tolerance

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Still Haven’t Shut Off the School-to-Prison Pipeline: Evaluating the Impact of Florida’s New Zero-Tolerance Law (Document)

It was only five years ago that two police officers pinned down five-year-old kindergarten student Ja’eisha Scott down onto a table, handcuffed her, and dragged her out of school and into a police cruiser after throwing a tantrum during a jelly bean counting game.1 They then refused to release Ja’eisha into her mother’s cus- tody, keeping her in the back of the car for hours.

Zero Tolerance in Philadelphia: Denying Educational Opportunities and Creating a Pathway to Prison (Document)

Advancement Project, together with Youth United for Change, a Philadelphia-based youth organization, released Zero Tolerance in Philadelphia: Denying Educational Opportunities and Creating a Pathway to Prison, which criticizes zero tolerance in Philadelphia schools as a failed policy that makes city schools less safe, criminalizes or pushes out of school tens of thousands of students every year, a

Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice Annual Report 2010 (Document)

The Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice, which advises the President, Congress and the Justice Department's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, recently issued its 2010 Annual Report.

Test, Punish and Pushout: How Zero Tolerance and High-Stakes Testing Funnel Youth into the School to Prison Pipeline (2010) (Document)

“Test, Punish, and Push Out” provides an overview of zero-tolerance school discipline and high-stakes testing, how they relate to each other, how laws and policies such as the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) have made school discipline even more punitive, and the risk faced if these devastating policies are not reformed.

Telling It Like It Is (Document)

Miami Youth Speak out on the School-to-Prison Pipeline.

(North Carolina) One Out of Ten: The Growing Suspension Crisis in North Carolina (Document)

A report by the North Carolina Child Advocacy Institute.

A History and Critique of the Effectiveness of Zero-Tolerance Discipline (Document)

"Zero Tolerance, Zero Evidence: An Analysis of School Disciplinary Practices," Indiana Education Policy Center (2000).

Research on School Suspension (Document)

This document was prepared in conjunction with the Center for Child and Family Policy at Duke University and the 2010 NC Family Impact Seminar,School Suspension: Research and Policy Options, held April 27, 2010, at the North Carolina General Assembly.

Rationales Behind Zero Tolerance Discipline and the Reality of Negative Consequences (Document)

"Zero Tolerance Policy in Schools: Rationale, Consequences, Alternatives," Teachers College Record, Vol. 105, No. 5, p872-92 (2003).

Beyond Zero Tolerance (2004) (Document)

This article provides a brief national overview of zero tolerance policies, highlighting racial discrepancies in their application. It also looks at a Tennessee case study, explaining that zero-tolerance policies have not deterred misbehavior in schools; in fact, suspensions/expulsions have steadily increased.