Parent and Community Participation

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Here you will find resources with strategies for engaging parents and community members in the movement to end school pushout. Resources include guides for advocating for youth at school board meetings and due process hearings. 

Parent Participation in Preventing Early Dropout (Document)

“The Role of Parents in Dropout Prevention: Strategies that Promote Graduation and School Achievement,” National Center on Secondary Education and Transition (2006)

Family Involvement in Early Childhood Learning Can Increase School Completion Rates (Document)

“Family Involvement in Early Childhood Education,” Brief No. 1, Harvard Family Research Project (Spring 2006).

Family Involvement in Elementary School Can Reduce Discipline Problems (Document)

"Family Involvement in Elementary School Children's Success," Brief No. 2, Harvard Family Research Project (Winter 2006/2007).

Strategies to Implement Parent Involvement (Document)

“Creating a Positive Climate: Parent Involvement,” Safe and Responsive Schools Project (2002).

 Guidebook on Advocating for Your Child (Document)

A guidebook for Georgia parents with information on tracking, testing, school discipline and due process hearings, special education and NCLB from the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law.

Fifteen Effective Strategies to Prevent Student Dropout (Document)

“Effective Strategies For Dropout Prevention,” National Dropout Prevention Center/Network.

Compilation of Research and Practical Guides on Family Involvement (Document)

The Family Involvement Network of Educators (FINE), Harvard Family Research Project.

Family Involvement in Middle and High School Makes a Difference (Document)

"Family Involvement in Middle and High School Students' Education," Harvard Family Research Project (2007).

How to Talk So Schools Will Listen (Document)

Parent participation and involvement is a key element of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). This tip sheet provides parents some pointers on improving communication with their children’s school.

Los padres como parte en el proceso del IEP (Document)

This is an instruction manual in Spanish for parents.

Guides on Discipline and School Board Advocacy (Document)

The ACLU of Washington State has created multiple guides on advocacy for parents available on the organization’s website at

Guide to school discipline in Washington – English