Congressional Resolution on School Pushout

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On Friday, December 17th, Rep Chris Murphy (D-CT) introduced a resolution inspired by the Dignity in Schools Campaign National Resolution for Ending School Pushout, a call to action issued one year ago and signed by more than 200 individuals and organizations from all 50 states.
The House Resolution raises awareness of policies and practices that "disengage students from learning and remove them from the classroom, furthering a national crisis that is more accurately described as 'push out,' as opposed to 'drop out,' as children and youth are effectively pushed out of school."  

It highlights the success of positive approaches to school discipline, such as school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) and restorative practices, and pledges to work with states, local education agencies and schools to "reduce or eliminate school suspensions (especially out-of-school suspensions), expulsions, arrests, corporal punishment, and placements in disciplinary alternative schools."