School Pushout

17 Jan

DSC Urges Senate HELP Committee to Oppose Nomination of Betsy DeVos for U.S. Secretary of Education


New York- Today, the Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC), a national coalition of students, parents, educators and advocates across 27 states and Washington D.C., stands together in defense of our students’ human right to education and urges the Senate to reject President-elect Trump’s nomination of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education.

The Dignity in Schools Campaign has developed the Counselors Not Cops policy recommendations for ending the regular presence of law enforcement in schools for policy-makers at the school, district, state and federal level. 

20 Sep

Senate and House Congressional Briefings on Examining the Role of Police in Schools- Wednesday, Sept. 21


Washington, DC- On September 21, the Dignity in School Campaign (DSC) and NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. – in collaboration with Representative G.K. Butterfield and Senator Chris Murphy – will host two congressional briefings to examine the role of police in schools. The briefings will feature personal stories from students and parents about interactions with school police, research and data on the role of police in schools, examples of best practices for creating positive school climates, and presentations of policy recommendations.

19 Sep

Dignity in Schools Campaign to Release Policy Platform on Police in Schools- Sept. 21


New York, NY- On Wednesday, the Dignity in School Campaign (DSC), a national coalition of over 100 organizations from 27 states representing students, parents, educators and advocates, will release a new platform on police in schools, including policy recommendations, a multi-media webpage and a resource guide for communities and policy-makers.

DSC will release the platform on Wednesday, September 21 and hold a press conference call from 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. EST. The press call will feature member organizations of the coalition from across the country who are actively campaigning to limit the role of police in schools in California, Minnesota, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Texas. 

08 Sep

Federal Govt. Releases Guidance on Police in Schools, But Solutions Should Go Further to Call for More Counselors Not Police


Today, the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education released the “Safe School-based Enforcement through Collaboration, Understanding, and Respect ‘SECURe’ State and Local Policy Rubric,” providing recommendations for the role of police in schools. 

The Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC) supports aspects of the recommendations, including language recommending that policies and practices should explicitly articulate that School Resource Officers (SROs) “should not administer discipline in schools.” However, the guidance should go further to promote substantive solutions and alternatives to police presence in schools, such as redirecting funding from school police towards more counselors, peace builders and positive discipline. 

28 Jul

Not If, But When?


Here we are again, consumed by grief and anger after the horrific and senseless killings of two more Black people at the hands of law enforcement. In Louisiana, Alton Sterling, was shot at point-blank range, multiple times, in the chest and back, while pinned to the ground by two police officers. The next day, his 15-year-old son stood before reporters sobbing uncontrollably and crying, "I want my Daddy." 

20 May

Expel the Box in Virginia


Tyler had dreams of going to an Ivy League school after graduating from his segregated, inner-city school. Sarah worked extremely hard to overcome grinding poverty and position herself to get a scholarship. Juan is an English learner who wants to be the first in his family to go to college. Maya is a student with an emotional disability emanating from childhood trauma who wants to get a business degree and start a women’s empowerment organization. Sadly, all four of these Virginia seniors face a barrier to pursuing higher education.

17 May

Government Accountability Office Releases Report on K-12 Education, Racial Disparities & Discrimination- Details Impact of Schoo


New York- Today, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GOA) will be releasing a report on K-12 Education and how federal agencies could better use information to address discrimination. The GOA’s research found that segregation “negatively impacts students outcomes and exacerbates unequal opportunity experienced later in life and confirmed that race and poverty continue to be a driver for inequities in education.” 

17 May

Philadelphia Student Union to Rally Against Police Abuse in Schools


Last week, DSC member Philadelphia Student Union released a statement regarding a recent assault of PSU youth member, Brian Burney, by a school resource officer. On May 5 Brian attempted to use his school’s bathroom and was told by School Resource Officer Jeffrey Maiocha that he needed a pass and an argument ensued. Brian threw an orange at the wall out of frustration and was then assaulted by Officer Maiocha. Part of the incident was captured on video by a fellow student and shared publicly. Following the incident Brian was told he suffered a concussion and his parents have filed a complaint with Philadelphia’s Police Advisory Commission. 

14 Apr

Students and Parents from Across Country Join Action Demanding De-Militarization of Los Angeles Schools


Los Angeles- In late February, the Los Angeles School Police Department (LASPD) informed the Strategy Center’s Fight for the Soul of the Cities campaign that they had returned all military grade weapons granted by the Department of Defense’s (DOD) 1033 program. After a year and a half of campaigning for 1033 weapons to be destroyed, the Labor Community Strategy Center (LCSC) and Fight for the Souls of the Cities are demanding full accountability from the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and LASPD for harm caused to the Los Angeles community. 

07 Apr

12-Year-Old Body Slammed by School Resource Officer Shows Continuing Criminalization of Youth of Color


This week a video surfaced showing Joshua Kehm, a school resource officer, body slam and handcuff a 12-year-old student at Rhodes Middle School in San Antonio, Texas. This video displays the violent and unethical use of excessive force on a child. It is a reminder of why law enforcement personnel should not handle routine student safety or school discipline issues in and around schools.

On February 2015 DSC-NY member Advocates for Children of New York released the Civil Rights Suspended: An Analysis of New York City Charter School Discipline Policies report finding that a significant number of City charter schools have discipline policies that fail to meet legal requirements, leadin

On March 2016, the Center for Civil Rights Remedies at the Civil Rights Project at UCLA released the Charter Schools, Civil Rights and School Discipline: A Comprehensive Review report. This report, along with the companion spreadsheet, provides the first comprehensive description ever compiled of charter school discipline. In 2011-12, every one of the nation’s 95,000 public schools was required to report its school discipline data, including charter schools.

25 Mar

Six-Year-Old Girl Handcuffed in School Shows Continuing Criminalization of Black Children


Last week a six-year-old elementary school student in Chicago was handcuffed in school for taking candy off of her teacher’s desk. The student is Madisyn Moore, a young black girl who was then placed under a set of stairs at the school and handcuffed until her mother arrived to pick her up. The reasoning behind this action by a school security guard was to “teach her a lesson.” This incident is unacceptable and shows us once again why School Resource Officers (SROs), municipal police, probation officers and other law enforcement personnel should not handle student safety or school discipline issues in and around schools.

On November 2015, TruthOut published the article, "How Police Became Part of the Public School System and How to Get Them Out" by GS Potter, a community activist and educator.